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 General Software Support

Exercises will not open


When I click on the posture exercises under Reference Modules I get an error message. SOLUTION: two things can cause this error. 1. Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on the system. This is a free download from Download... Read More

What is Posture Number


Posture Pro generates a person's Posture Number. This number is triggered only from the results of the lateral view. It represents the total deviations from points that a plumb line should pass through. The higher the number the more deviations from... Read More

Request Unlock Code


The software unlock codes are generated after you discover the unique system ID number of your computer. After you install the software and open a program, you are presented with a registration screen. In the upper righthand corner of your computer... Read More

Posture Pro Software Support Rules


VenturaDesigns has never charged for updates or support for Posture Pro. Because updates are free and always available from this link*Install.exe   we require that the latest version be installed before... Read More

Posture Pro is Windows 7 64 bit Compatible


With the release of Posture Pro 8, Posture Pro is supported by all versions of Windows, including 64 bit Home Premium. Previous versions of Posture Pro were 16 bit programs and required using the Windows VM to run in 64 bit versions of Windows.  ... Read More

Not a Number

When opening Posture Pro I get this error "Not a Number" Before following these instructions, copy the folder C:\PP8\PPDATA and put it in a secure location. The following instructions should not interfere with that folder, but best... Read More

Can’t Find TB105RTM.DLL

When opening Posture Pro you get an error "Can't find TB105RTM.DLL" do the following. Open the folder C:\Program Files (x86)/Common Files/ToolBook/TBSystem and make sure there are files in that folder and that TB105RTM.DLL is NOT there. ... Read More

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