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After Posture Pro 8 Upgrade-Not a number error

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We have an error with the program when starting up. After pressing the start program button a window pops up saying we have level 5 access. I press ok. It then comes up with the database format option. When I select ascii it comes up with an error saying not a number. I click ok and all seems good. but then when i try to make a new record it comes up with the the same error (not a number) then the record cannot be made.

Can you suggest what I might try to fix this problem.

Try this first.

The first step in this process is to protect your database folder which is named PPD ATA and is generally in the PP 8 folder on your hard drive. Make a copy of that folder and put it somewhere else on your hard drive, but not in the PP 8 folder. This folder should not be deleted during the repair process, but copying it somewhere else on your hard drive ensures that no data will be lost. Next.

Visit the downloads area of posture and download and install posture Pro eight. During the installation process. You will be asked to choose remove or repair as an option. Choose remove and continue. After the removal process has finished, you’ll want to use the same installation file to reinstall posture Pro eight. During the install process, except all of the defaults and when the installation is complete, open posture Pro.

At this point you will be asked to select a database, language and select ASC I I. The program should open up and your database records should be there.

If this does not solve your issue. Let us know and we can start a remote support session. Thanks.

After Posture Pro 8 Upgrade-Not a number error

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