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My software will not install on Windows 7 64 bit

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Three of the older VenturaDesigns software packages are still 16 bit software. Windows has several versions of their software available, either 32 bit or 64 bit. Our older software like IRIS, VROM and DC PowerTools, Therapy Pro and PowerCiser will run perfectly on 32 bit versions of Windows but will not run at all on 64 bit versions. At the present time we do not plan to update any of those programs to be 64 bit compatible.
We have updated Posture Pro to be 64 bit compatible and we have had no reports of error messages.
NOTE: If you are using Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate 64 bit you can run 16 bit software using the free Microsoft Virtual Machine, available from The VM lets you run Windows XP inside Windows 7. You install the 16 bit software in the VM and you can run both 64 bit, 32 bit and 16 bit software at the same time.
My software will not install on Windows 7 64 bit

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