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Someone elses picture appears in a new record

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When we ADD RECORD to posture pro (for any New Patient into the practice) and then select the patient’s file to upload the photo, we have someone else already in the file. It is as if it is picking up someone else’s old posture photo.

Any existing patient profile that was already in posture pro is not a problem and we can add subsequent photos to their profile.
Solution: This is a database mis-match that can be caused by two different problems. First try the easy solution. CLose Posture Pro. All patient records are in the folder named PPDATA. Open that folder. You will see a file named db. Double click to open that file. You will see a line that says N= with a number after that. That number is the number of patients Posture Pro has recorded for the software. If that number is less than the actual number then records will get merged.
To see how many patients you actually have, double click on the Patients folder and count the number of entries. If there are more patients than the number after N=, then change the N= to a number 1 or 2 higher than the actual number of patients. Save and close the db file. Open Posture Pro and see if you can add at least two records successfully.
If that does not work, contact us by e-mail to schedule a remote support session so we can analyze and correct a more elaborate database mis-match. You computer will have to be connected to the Internet for this support session.
Someone elses picture appears in a new record

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