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What are the Procedures for Taking Posture Pictures?

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 The patient should stand with their feet about shoulder width apart, providing a good foundation. If the shoes are new, have them remove the shoes and stand with bare feet or with socks on. If the shoes appear to be broken in, they can be left on. Have the patient drop their arms to their side just hanging naturally. If the forearm is in the way of where you need to click have the patient move the forearm only out-of-the-way. Do not have the patient cross their arms or place their arms around the waist. Crossing the arms puts the shoulders in inward rotation and will change the readings between the shoulder in the ear. Have an object on the wall at about eye level for most people and have the patient look at that object while you’re taking the picture.

If you see the patient trying to alter their posture, aks them to take a deep breath in, and to relas as they exhale. Then take the picture.

The distance between the patient and the camera is determined by the lens of your camera. With the camera turned sideways frame the patient so that there is a little bit of room at the top and bottom of the picture. Do not use the zoom feature of the camera but rather walk toward or away from the patient to frame them in the camera. the exception to this is when using absolute measurements. Once you have calibrated the software as per the instructions in the manual, the distance between the patient and the camera must remain fixed.

What are the Procedures for Taking Posture Pictures?

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