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How To Introduce Posture Pro into your Office Procedures

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Do you take posture picture with initial examination?


Because posture Pro can calculate additional forces attacking posterior cervical muscles with additional pounds of tension force, and also calculates downward compressive forces affecting the cervical and lumbar discs, it’s important to include a posture Pro exam as part of your initial exam protocols. Also remember that asymmetry is one of the components of the P. A. R. T. Definition of the subluxation.



When and How do you introduce posture program?


In the initial consultation. You simply review some of the exams, you’ll be doing and what you hope to gain from that information, posture Pro being one of those exams.


Then in the report of findings, your posture results and what those results mean in terms of adding additional force and stress to the body will be revealed to the patient and you can give them a copy of their posture Pro exam and explain that you will be using the reexam as one of the components to determine where a person is during their care in your office.


How do you explain to patients the charge for program?


I would say most offices role the charge for a posture Pro exam into their basic office exam package. There may be occasions if you elect to incorporate our posture reprogramming system where you charge a fee for just the posture correction. In that case I have a general rule of charging $50 per posture number to do the correction. To date there is no specific CPT code for a posture exam.


Do you have a letter introducing the posture pro to patients?


If you’re talking about a letter to send to existing patients about a new detection system in your office, no I don’t have one of those. But I would send a copy of an exam with report and a short cover letter explaining the posture Pro is a noninvasive examination that can reveal a lot of information about additional mechanical stresses affecting the spine and other parts of the body. Explain that the exam takes about a minute and can reveal important information that allows you to identify problems now before they get worse in the future. There are several different ways to go with a letter like this, depending on the type of patient you want to attract.


I hope this has helped you.


How To Introduce Posture Pro into your Office Procedures

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