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Difference Between Posture Pro 8 and Posture Pro Touch

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Posture Pro 8 is the latest version of our Posture Pro Software. It is downloade and installed on your computer. You use your camera and printer to use the software. PP8 comes with one hour of basic live Internet training to make sure you understand all the capabilities of the software and can train others.
Posture Pro Touch is our completely portable system. It’s an Acer tablet PC running Windows 7. It has a 10.1" touch screen and all the whistles and bells like wireless, bluetooth, built-in cameras (two), HDMI output, detachable keyboard, memory expansion and multiple USB ports. It comes pre-loaded with a special version of Posture Pro 8 that has bee configured for the smaller screen and touch screen operation. It also comes pre-loaded with other software from VenturaDesigns. More advanced training is also included in the price.
Both versions of the software accomplish the same goal. The Touch is a completely portable solution.
Difference Between Posture Pro 8 and Posture Pro Touch

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