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Small Fonts Request

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ISSUE: When I open Posture Pro I’m asked to set the display to small fonts.
To maintain the integrity of the screen coordinates, Posture Pro will only perform exams if the screen is set to Small Fonts, also called Normal in later versions of Windows. To change the screen font size settings do this.

Click on Start/Settings/Control Panel and select Display.

If control panle does not have that settting, look to the left and select Switch to Classic View. Repeat above.

In the Display Window, select Settings, then click on the Advanced tab.

At the next screen you will see DPT Setting

Switch to Normal Size.

In Windows XP they changed the name ’Small" to normal.

THis will make things on your screen look smaller, but sharper.

We lock Posture Pro to small fonts since that is the Windows default.

Keeping the fonts at a universal size keeps consistency in posture pro exams.

Small Fonts Request

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