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Posture Pro 8 Seems Slower

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For Posture Pro 8 we revamped the image handling capabilities, specifically removing the 4 Megapixel image limitation. When an image is imported into Posture Pro it is resized to fit the screen. The optimum image size is 1024x762. At that resolution there is no change in the speed of Posture Pro 8 to previous versions. However todays cameras can present an image to Posture Pro as big at 20 Megapixels, bigger than the size of a poster.
This size image will cause a slight delay as Posture Pro uses a built-in image processor to resize and resample the image before it is displayed on the screen. There will also be a slight delay if the image is smaller than 1024x760.
So, for optimum speed of loading images, set your digital camera to 1024x762, or as close to that as your camera allows. Sometimes this will be called 1M or 2M in the camera’s documentation.
Posture Pro 8 Seems Slower

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