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Cropping Photos

Hi could you tell me if there is a way to crop the a photo with posture pro? Or do we need to do this in some third party software before importing to Posture Pro? Answer: There is no need to crop the pictures. Posture Pro does it... Read More

import image size

Morning Joe, installed ppv8 last week trying to find solution to image size. when i import image is appox. 1/3 size that it should be. image minimizes only in program. please provide info on how to adjust imported image size to fit screen. thanks... Read More

What are the pink boxes of text on the line behind the body?

You are seeing those measurements because Absolute Measurements is checked under Image options on the main screen. This setting allows Posture Pro to make detailed force calculations. To be accurate, Posture pro must be calibrated. Please see the... Read More

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