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Remove Exam

Here's a short movie on how to remove an exam in Posture Pro Read More

My images come in sideways

When I import a picture into Posture Pro they come in sideways.     We expect that you will take the posture pictures in the Portrait mode, with the camera turned 90 degrees. This better frames the person and lets you get closer to take... Read More

Posture Pro 8 Seems Slower

For Posture Pro 8 we revamped the image handling capabilities, specifically removing the 4 Megapixel image limitation. When an image is imported into Posture Pro it is resized to fit the screen. The optimum image size is 1024x762. At that resolution... Read More

Active X or ActiveX Error

ISSUE: When I try to open Posture Pro I get an ActiveX error message.     Update to Posture Pro 8 from this link   Posture Pro 8 solves all activex issues and all the error messages associated... Read More

Small Fonts Request

ISSUE: When I open Posture Pro I'm asked to set the display to small fonts.   To maintain the integrity of the screen coordinates, Posture Pro will only perform exams if the screen is set to Small Fonts, also called Normal in later versions of... Read More

What is Posture Number


Posture Pro generates a person's Posture Number. This number is triggered only from the results of the lateral view. It represents the total deviations from points that a plumb line should pass through. The higher the number the more deviations from... Read More

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