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View Exam After Saving

How Can I view an exam after saving it.       Click on the thumbnail image of the exam. At the next screen click on View Exam. You can look at and export the exam as an image file.   You cannot edit an exam after it has been... Read More

merging database files

Hi How do I merge my patient data from two computers in the office onto one of these two? They do not share the same data so there won't be any conflict between them. Many thanks Rachael   Unfortunately, there is no method of merging... Read More

merging data

Hi How do I merge data from two computers onto one. I have been in touch with Dr Joe Ventura for the last hour.   Presently, there is no method available in the software to merge two databases together .if this is attempted records from one... Read More

Explain Loos of Height Feature

the general thinking is that everyone gets shorter as they get older. Quite often this loss of height actually comes from the head moving forward of the shoulders. When that happens the vertical distance between the ear and shoulder shortens. When... Read More

How do I interpret the Stick Model?

The purpose of this stick model is simply a quick visual representation of offsets. It's a remnant of very early versions of the software that I've retained due to customer comments. Personally I don't use it as it's not really necessary. You can... Read More

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