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loading PP8 on to a tablet

I submitted a ticket earlier. The file is downloaded onto the tablet, but it will not let me install a .exe file. Can you please call or e-mail Dr VanHeule at or 828-406-2953 since he is the one that does our technical stuff. ... Read More

Calibration Settings Don’t Hold

I'm saving the measurement of 11 inches - following the manual. However, when I go back and check the measurement remains "19" and not "11".     Posture Pro's calibration settings in an ini file that Posture Pro uses for... Read More

Posture Pro update

I have been running Posture Pro 5.51 (ID# 2618286015; Unlock code 2565258773) for quite a few years. The additional cervical force feature no longer works, and in checking your site for any type of update, etc., I see you are now producing a version... Read More

Posture Pro 8 Manual

HI Could you send me a link to Posture 8 manual please? I can only find version 7 manual online.     The Posture Pro manual is embedded in every installation of Posture Pro. Open the software to the main screen. Under Reference... Read More

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