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loading PP8 on to a tablet

I submitted a ticket earlier. The file is downloaded onto the tablet, but it will not let me install a .exe file. Can you please call or e-mail Dr VanHeule at or 828-406-2953 since he is the one that does our technical stuff. ... Read More

Who Can Receive An Unlock Code.

Software customers never own the actual software, just a license to use it according the the License Agreement accepted at the time the software is opened and used for the first time. We control the license through the use of unlock codes that are... Read More

Request Unlock Code


The software unlock codes are generated after you discover the unique system ID number of your computer. After you install the software and open a program, you are presented with a registration screen. In the upper righthand corner of your computer... Read More

Not a Number

When opening Posture Pro I get this error "Not a Number" Before following these instructions, copy the folder C:\PP8\PPDATA and put it in a secure location. The following instructions should not interfere with that folder, but best... Read More

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