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VenturaDesigns Launches New Product Knowledge Base

VenturaDesigns releases new Product Knowledge Base to provide the latest in technical support options. By using a KB solution to support we are able to offer a variety of options to get answers and solutions for virtually every question a customer or potential customer might have. In the Public Area, anyone can search our extensive KB database for answers to questions about software or any other VenturaDesigns product. If the answer is not found or not complete enough, the visitor can submit a ticket, which will be answered by an SME (Subject Matter Expert). The question and answer will then be added to the KB for future use by others.
Because we sell around the world, using this KB will allow us to provide outstanding customer support 24/7.
In the Private Area of the KB we will provide access to an extensive list of practice growth tools that include software, image files, PowerPoint Presentations Word and PDF documents designed to help build your Posture Based practice. The Private Area is subscription based at $5/mo.
Official Launch of the VenturaDesigns KB is December 1st.