Installing Posture Pro 8

Installing Posture Pro 8 is initiated by downloading Posture Pro 8 using this link
We recommend you save this to your hard drive so you have a backup copy.
After downloading you will be asked if you want to run the software. Say yes. If you receive a warning about an unverified softwar,e just over-ride the warning and continue the installation. When the installer opens, read the notes at the front end. Posture Pro is a two part installation and it is important you read the messages.
When the main installer opens, accept the default location of C:\PP8 for installation. After that installation is finished, wait for the Neuron installer to open and then run that installer. This will place critical files on you computer that Posture Pro requires for proper opening.
Posted by: Joseph Ventura - November 22, 2011. This article has been viewed 2154 times.
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