Changing Computers

To move VenturaDesigns software from one computer to another requires that the authorization to use the software on the original computer be removed. This is done by opening the software to the registration screen. Qualifying software will have a Red uninstall button on the screen. Clicking on this button will not uninstall the software but will remove the authorization to use the software.
After clicking on the Red uninstall button and accepting the warning message, four lines of text will appear on the screen.
  1. E-mail that text to .
  2.  Also send the SYstem ID number from the registration screen of the new computer
  3. Next, visit to purchase the $25 transfer fee. It’s under the Support Options.
After Payment has been received will will send the new unlock code.
If you do not have access to the old machine due to complete failure or theft, the transfer fee is $100. From the Support Options at select Unverified Transfer fee to pay the $100.
Posted by: Joseph Ventura - November 22, 2011. This article has been viewed 1582 times.
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