HIPAA Compliance with Posture Pro

NOTE: This article is for U.S. customers only who are governed by HIPAA regulations.

In the event your computer is lost or stolen you must have systems in place to protect sensitive patient data. As part of your HIPAA compliance you must outline security measures you have taken to protect that data.

Posture Pro, downloaded on or after June 4, 2014, requires a password to open the software. Contact VenturaDesigns at info@venturadesigns.com for that password. We will verify your account and reveal your password. This password is hard coded into the software and is not accessible to a file search or reverse engineering.

We also recommend using third party software to protect the PPDATA folder created by Posture Pro. We recommend using a product like Folder Lock. This software locks and hides the patient data folder, while still allowing communication with Posture Pro. If the computer is ever lost, stolen or hacked the patient data is invisible and protected.

Here is a link to watch a video of Folder Lock in action with Posture Pro.

Click Here to Watch Video

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