Hangs up on Patient Initialization

when l pressed onto ’You have Level 4 access’, I pressed a button and the screen says: "Patient List Initialization, Sorting Names". Then it just stays on that screen and does not allow me to use posture pro. It is as if it is thinking, but never comes up with anything. Any suggestions?


First, at the Posture Pro screen where the patients are, at the top of the screen click on "Ues default database"

If that does not correct the problem, download Posture Pro 8 from the Downloads area of www.posturepro.com

Use that file to install, but during installation you will be asked if you want to repair of remove. Select Remove.

After removal, install Posture Pro again.

This should correct the issue.

NOTE: Copy the PPDATA folder to another location on your hard drive to protect your patient data before you remove Posture Pro.

Posted by: Joseph Ventura - February 10, 2014. This article has been viewed 3022 times.
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