Not a number when recovering from PPARC folder

I’m having trouble recovering a back up from my old computer. After the backup is completed an error message appears ’not a number’.

When choosing the folder to recover from I have been selecting the folder ’PPARC000’, is that correct? or do i need to recover from a subfolder?




 here’s the easiest way to fix this. In the PPARC folder you will see subfolders named images, patients, thumbs, there may or may not be a removed folder, and a file named DB. These items make up the contents of the PPDATA folder.

In the PPARC folder, select and copy all the contents. Then move to the PPDATA folder of the new installation and paste the contents. You will be warned that this will replace the current contents in that folder and that’s okay.

Now when you open posture Pro, you may still be asked to select a database, language, but after you do all your records should appear. Let me know if this is still an issue. Thanks.

Posted by: Joseph Ventura - November 6, 2013. This article has been viewed 2196 times.
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