Error unsupported file extension when trying to import an image

When trying to import an image I get an error "Unsupported file extensions" and the image is not imported.

Answer: The usual culprit is Windows hiding the file extensions. For example when looking at the contents of a folder a file will be named Image instead of the full name of Image,jpg. So the solution is to have Windows show the file extensions. Here’s how.

1. Open the folder that holds the pictures.

2. At the top menu bar select Tools.

3. Select Folder Options

4. Select View

5. scroll down until you see "Hide extensions for known file types". It will be checked.

6. Uncheck the box and apply for all folders.

Posture Pro can now see the file extension and it will import it.

Posted by: Joseph Ventura - January 14, 2012. This article has been viewed 1903 times.
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