merging database files


How do I merge my patient data from two computers in the office onto one of these two? They do not share the same data so there won‘t be any conflict between them.

Many thanks

Unfortunately, there is no method of merging two databases. Even though they may not share the same data, they do share the same patient numbering. So if an attempt to merge two databases happens, record 001 in one database will overwrite record 001 in the target database .so there is no method of merging only replacing. We may look at including this in future versions of the software ,but this is an extremely rare request as a result is a low priority .if you sign upto receive notices from this knowledge base you will be notified as different features are added to the software .thank you
Posted by: Joseph Ventura - December 23, 2011. This article has been viewed 1419 times.
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