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 General Software Support

Posture Pro 8 Seems Slower

For Posture Pro 8 we revamped the image handling capabilities, specifically removing the 4 Megapixel image limitation. When an image is imported into Posture Pro it is resized to fit the screen. The optimum image size is 1024x762. At that resolution... Read More

Who Can Receive An Unlock Code.

Software customers never own the actual software, just a license to use it according the the License Agreement accepted at the time the software is opened and used for the first time. We control the license through the use of unlock codes that are... Read More

Active X or ActiveX Error

ISSUE: When I try to open Posture Pro I get an ActiveX error message.     Update to Posture Pro 8 from this link   Posture Pro 8 solves all activex issues and all the error messages associated... Read More

Small Fonts Request

ISSUE: When I open Posture Pro I'm asked to set the display to small fonts.   To maintain the integrity of the screen coordinates, Posture Pro will only perform exams if the screen is set to Small Fonts, also called Normal in later versions of... Read More

Installing Posture Pro 8

Installing Posture Pro 8 is initiated by downloading Posture Pro 8 using this link   We recommend you save this to your hard drive so you have a backup copy.   After downloading you will be asked... Read More

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